The Coronavirus pandemic has changed the world.  Social Distancing is a new way of life. With all that we are hearing and being instructed to do, should we be showing homes right now?

As a Real Estate Brokerage owner, I am asked this question many times a day.  Buyers, sellers, and Real Estate Agents are unsure what to do right now and are understandably concerned.   First, let’s start with what Governor Cuomo has set as policy. On March 7, 2020 Governor Cuomo issued Executive Order #202 declaring a disaster emergency in New York State. This order among many of its directives, enacted the State Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan and authorized all necessary state agencies to take appropriate action to assist local governments and individuals in containing, preparing for, responding to and recovering from this state disaster emergency; to protect state and local property; and to provide such other assistance as is necessary to protect public health, welfare, and safety.

Over the past few weeks, EO 202 has been amended 10 times.  We have been told not to gather. Schools are closed. Sport seasons canceled.The Olympics postponed. We have also learned the term “Essential Business” and if you follow that link you will see “Real Estate” is not on it. In fact, the Governor was quite specific in one news conference saying in effect that evictions are suspended and landlords would have a hard finding tenants as Real Estate Agents are prohibited from showing apartments under EO 202.  Without calling him and asking him personally, I believe he means home sales too.  And condos and coops etc. Visit and you will find information on what is considered an “Essential Business” during this crisis as well as the 10 Point Policy.

For home sales that are currently pending, we are working with all parties to facilitate the completion of the sale.  Closings have continued but are very different as they are not in person, often with buyers and sellers waiting in individual cars.  No one is gathering.  We anticipate being able to conclude the pending sales and we are impressed with the ability to adapt being displayed by the professionals in the field.


So, what is BrookHampton doing right now if a buyer wants to see a home? 

Unfortunately, we are not taking you in. We are also not setting up any unescorted showings. We are not deviating from the governor’s instructions. 

We do have some awesome virtual tours we can show you. And we can have some great conversations on the phone or virtual meetings.

We will update our position as information changes and we are here if you should have any questions. 

Stay safe. Stay healthy.

~ The Team at BrookHampton Realty

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